Thursday, April 14, 2016

I need a FREEKING Dictionary...

When I was little, my Mom had a way to deal with us when we said bad things. She would wash our mouths out with soap. It was always fun watching this process when one of my 5 siblings were having their mouths washed out with soap… Until the day it was my turn. I said a bad word, I said PeePee. Go ahead and laugh, but we are talking the 60’s. But the truth of the matter was that I wasn’t talking about making water, but I was referring to a boy’s private parts. I knew it, and though I disguised it with a word that could have meant something else, my Mom knew it too. Soap – YUK.
I know even today we all use words to express something vulgar, but disguise it with a word that could mean something else. The truth of the matter is that we know what we meant to say… and, so does most if not all that hear us say it. In our world of texting, the famous OMG certainly softens the impact of taking the Lord’s name in vain, but we know what we mean. Or to exclaim “Jeeze” as though leaving “US” out of the word disguises our degrading of the name of our Lord Jesus.
How about dropping the F-BOMB in polite company, just by disguising it with different letters that make a word that could mean something else… But we know what we meant to say, and so does everybody that hears us. I am guilty of being corny with jokes, and especially love living so close the Percy Priest Dam. So I can easily say something like “We have to go down that DAM road” and by all rights I didn’t really cuss… But I know what I am saying. My wife knows too, so she tells me, “If you want to cuss, just cuss, don’t pretend with a play on words”. That woke me up.
My Step-Father once told me that people that cuss all the time do it because they do not possess an intelligent vocabulary, and fill in their sentences with cuss words, thinking it makes them look cool, when in fact it just makes them look dumb. So how much worse is it when we can’t even use the real cuss words when we cuss? How dumb is that. So as one of the smartest women I have ever known once said, “If you want to cuss, just Cuss”.
Now if there is a reason you disguise the vulgar words you use, like maybe you think it is actually Vulgar to speak that way, why not just get a dictionary out and learn some intelligent words to use in your sentences so you will look smart. Believe me, DUMB is not cool. Smart Rules!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Idiotism – Idio-tism – idiot-ism

Idiotism – Idio-tism – idiot-ism

I know in our society we throw around this term for people that do stupid things. It can be applied to most drivers on the road, to guys making that first contact with a girl, for buying that little sports car when you have a baby on the way… and so on.

Idiotism is the actions we see people do, that makes us want to identify them as an idiot. But it is true that not all people that do stupid things are idiots. Who hasn’t seen the Cops TV show with the amazingly stupid things that people do that gets the police called out to their trailer park. Who does not have a driving story… Like the guy that flies through a stop sign, as you, the only car for miles approaching, and then that same guy who thought it worth risking his life to get in front of you, also now feels he needs to drive 10 miles an hour slower than the speed limit?

Webster defines Idiot as a very stupid or foolish person. So I find myself questioning how stupid of me to identify a human being as a very stupid person just because I witnessed them do a very stupid thing.

Come on, we all have been in a hurry, and blew through a stop sign, only to find that there is a car approaching, and immediately we channel Cheech and Chong and think it is the PO-LICE, and slow way down to 10 below the speed limit.  Really, I am not sure which is more stupid, the blowing through the stop sign or driving extremely slower, with the assumption that the “could be” police officer will think what a model citizen you are. And oh yeah, I have pulled that Idiotism before.

The most amazing idiotism I have seen any human being do, is to stumble at the simplicity of God. There are so many religions that try to complicate the relationship of God and mankind, and add all the rules and regulations to ensure that man has a chance to not go to Hell on Judgment day. I know how the minds of Scientist and Engineers work, wanting to understand the facts, and make logical sense of a thing. So the simplicity of God and his relationship with the human race confuses them, and they begin to reject the whole idea altogether.

It is really quite simple though. God made man. Man sinned and is separated from God. God loved man. God sent his Son (Jesus Christ) to die in the place of man. God saves man when man believes on him. Now don’t get me wrong on this, the words are quite understandable to the human language, but the concept is far beyond the understanding of the human mind. So God does not tell us to understand it all, he just asks us to believe it.

It is an idiotic thing for anyone to come to the conclusion then, that there is no God. God says of that person, that he or she is an Idiot. Psalm 14:1

Don’t be an idiot. Believe God and his Son Jesus today, and enjoy life as his child.