Saturday, March 30, 2013

Was Friday Really Bad?

Somebody took something away from me last Friday, and I am told that they cannot, and will not give it back.

The first thing I saw missing was my GUILT. I have done so many horrible things in my life, and hurt so many people, but all of the GUILT was missing, it was then I realized that somebody took something from me. The more I looked, the more I realized that was taken. My SHAME, my HEARTACHES, my SORROWS, my PAIN, and my SINS, yes, he did not leave me one SIN that was mine anymore.

I was told that these things became his when he took them, and he has gone to a place I cannot follow after. He will not, and cannot ever give them back to me. Some say that this was a BAD Friday, they told me to be SORROWFUL, but I couldn’t, my sorrow was all gone. I was told to mourn, but all my SADNESS was gone, he took it all.

Though I cannot follow him to where he went, to where he took all my things, I was assured that tomorrow he would come back and give me something to replace all that he took. He promised to give me PEACE, and JOY. He said he would give me a lot of HOPE and LOVE. They say he took a beating because of my SIN he took, but he will bring me FORGIVNESS. When he comes back tomorrow, he will give me a new home too.

I want to be SAD, and MOURN, and be SORROWFUL, but because he took all of that away from me, and has promised to come back tomorrow and give me of of these other things, I can only be HAPPY, and REJOICE, Friday wasn’t BAD, It was GOOD… It was very GOOD. Praise the Father who punished his SON for me. I will be wide awake early tomorrow, watching for him to come back.