Sunday, March 29, 2015

Who is your Super Hero?

Who is your Super Hero?

 I have seen this question often in password security questions, and always have a certain Super Hero that I list as my answer (No, I am not going to tell you who it is). When discussing this with a friend, I said who my hero was, and they replied that maybe Jesus Christ, our Lord should be listed as the Christian’s hero? I thought about that a little, and came to the conclusion that my Lord is not my hero, he is my savior and Lord. I mean, it is a nice sentiment to say that the Lord is my hero, but in truth, he is God, The creator of everything we know, so it would seem a bit trivial to lower him to a super hero status, when in fact he is everything.

With that said, now I find myself questioning my answer to the security question. I know the characters of our childhood, like Superman, Batman, The Green Hornet, and so on, are characters that fascinate us as children, well as adults as well, considering all the remake of these comic series in Hollywood movies. But do I really want to imitate Superman, or any of these Super Hero characters in my life?

 As a Christian I think of some of the early Christians, especially the Apostles, including the Apostle Paul. These people are just like us, no inbred super powers, no Spider venom from a failed experiment, or Alien in our midst that can fly, but real humans, that felt pain like we do, and were sad and happy like we are. When we look at their lives, we see the sacrifice of their lives to serve the Lord. We see many suffer horrible persecution with imprisonment and even death, but never giving in, never denying the Lord in their witness for him. Now these are people that I can imitate in my life.

There is one of more recent time though that I, after re-evaluating this question, would call my Hero. My Mom. In the face of raising six children on her own after my Dad decided to check out of the second parent responsibility, leaving us to live his life as a carefree single, left my Mom with the job to teach, discipline,  and provide for all six of us without the aid and support of a second parent. I look back now, and see how hard she worked, finding a job in a not-so-women-friendly business world. Then coming home after a long day of working to do the cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, and being a mom for four daughters with real girl become ladies problems, and two boys that took complete advantage of the lack of time to keep an eye on everything. (yeah the chores were split up among the six of us as well, but there were no clear child labor laws at the time, so oh well). My Mom done good. I with my siblings can attest that our faith in the Lord, and the stability of our lives are a testimony to her relentless duty to her children.

Yes, when asked “Who is your childhood Hero?” my answer is a resounding MOM.

(I still plan to answer the security question with my original answer though, can’t be too careful these days).

Mike Lester ~ March 2015