Sunday, August 19, 2012

Who is God?

Who is God, You ask?

This may seem like a silly question, but it seems to be the most complex question to the human race. There are multitudes of peoples and nations that have a religion claiming to worship the true God. Many, if not all, contradict the other. How are we to know, who God is, or according to an atheist, “is God?”
The first thing we need to do to determine who God is, it to get philosophical for a moment. Let us examine the human race. To begin with, all mankind (womankind is included here) have the same three elements, Body, Soul and Spirit.

First, we all have a body that is designed the same way, with an Integumentary, Skeletal, Muscular, Nervous, Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive, and Endocrine, Immune, and Reproductive systems. (source: Granted, we humans come in many different sizes and colors, but we are all really designed the same.

Secondly, we know that there is somebody home in this body, because of the universal event of death. When someone dies, we still have the body, but there is no one home. I like to refer to this as our Soul. Maybe another religion, or atheist will call it something else, nonetheless we all are somebody existing in this extremely complex body.

Thirdly, there is the unknown element that makes us alive. We know that air that keeps our body alive, but what is it that keeps our Soul alive? I like to think of this unseen element as our spirit. You may want to disagree, but if you will humor me for the duration of this article, I believe you will see why I hold to this view.

The next thing to all to our philosophical discussion is everything else. You have to love a large subject. But we as humans know of things for certain, because we can see, hear, taste, smell, and touch them. We can dissect them, we can study them. Then we use every resource available to us to reach beyond our own environment, like deep in the sea, and out beyond the stars.

So, we first have the world we live in, perfectly set in a universe to provide the right amount of light, heat, air, a filter from the harmful things in space, gravity, and yes, beauty. We have the fuel that we all need to continue to live, and the ecology in place to keep it coming. This world is a perfect design for man to live in.

Then we have space, at first look, we see our planet the moon, and the sun. At night we see the stars, and as we reach beyond this environment, we realize that there are other spheres that are planets too. Then as we look further, we learn that our little tiny planet is in the solar system, which is in a galaxy, which is in the universe, and that universe is not quite defined yet. Now though this stellar universe we have been placed in is quite stellar, but it is even more marvelous to learn that we are placed in this solar system at the exact place, axis tilt, and speed of spin to make it all work. I call this, design, and what a stellar design at that.

Now the philosophical part of this talk, and that is why all this design? Why the perfect universe, galaxy and solar system, why the perfect world, and perfect human body? Could it be that there is a designer, just one, not a group effort and thought, but one that is so great, it would exceed human thought and understanding? Can we but for a moment imagine a creator of all that we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch? It boggles the human mind to conceive of the idea that one being could be so great that he could create from nothing all of this. But is it not in the very heart and conscience of man that there should be a being of such power? Is this not why humans have religion, and bow to idols, or worship things greater than themselves like the sun, moon and stars? Or why others point to an unknown powerful being, and name him something, and worship him? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know who this God is, and why he made us?

Think about us as humans for a moment. I often tease that my daughter got my brains and her mom’s looks, but in reality we often see traits of one or both parents in a child. The way they act, and the way they look. We know from science that we derive our traits from our parent’s DNA, and yes guys and gals, we often will grow old only to find out “We are our parents”. Is this part of the design? Did this creator of man design us to have offspring that looks and act like us? You can’t tell me that as a parent, you don’t puff up with pride when someone comments how Jr looks just like you. I wonder, were we were created to look like our creator as well? Could it be that all we need to do is look around at the world around us, at the exact and precise place of the universe he has placed our earth, and the creatures on land and in the sea, and even at ourselves to see who God is? Has this divine being really made it this simple and obvious? Has the obvious been obscured by our own complexity?

Now the question would be who of all the deities is the one true creator, designer, God? What religion reveals the one true God to us? I would have to sy that the one that leaves man out of the mix. The God is God alone, and needs nothing from man. The God that not only created all that we know, but can just as easily destroy it. It would have to be the God that does not need man to describe him, but is described in his handiwork.

So if you have read this, and it makes sense to you, why do you suppose that this almighty, all powerful, creator God would make man? Once each person answers this question, they become responsible to him, because if this God made us, he must have a purpose for us. It would be silly to think he created all of this, and just left us to ourselves to do as we like. And if it is all true that this almighty God made us for a specific purpose, what do you suppose he will do with the ones that refuse to fulfill this purpose in their lives? It is much like the potter and the clay, because when the potter is dissatisfied with the pot, he will destroy it, and create another. Could it be that our creator would do the same thing?

I believe that his will is such. He will only keep the pot that can fulfill his will. The problem is, none of all his creation can keep his will, we have all sinned against him, and all are imperfect pots. But this mind boggling God, came into this created world as a man, and he suffered being broken for our sin, so that we that choose to believe who he is, and what he has done, will be a pot that pleases him, and one that he will display for all creation to see for all eternity.

He has designed us with a will to choose. But remember this before you make a choice, he created you with a purpose, and if you choose to not fulfill that purpose, then you are choosing to reject all that God is. We are capable of love because he is love. We enjoy the brilliant colors of this world because he is light. So to choose to not have God, is to choose to not have who he is. Imagine that, a place without God, without light, without love. A place of pain, and torment, a place that will never ever change. I call that Hell. It’s your choice!