Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Every Body Talk

I think it is amazing how we as humans communicate to each other with BODY LANGUAGE. Even when we speak the same language, we seem to use our hands to convey the words that we speak. When we are adamant about what we are saying, our hands move wildly about, swooshing this way and that, pointing in every direction, or just making gestures with our hands.

I guess at the Tower of Babel, when all of the people had their languages scrambled, and no longer could communicate with each other in words, there was a great need to use body language to express the words that could not be understood otherwise. But here we are many many years later, a world that for the most part speaks the same language, able to use people skilled in interpretation to talk and share ideas verbally, but still the gestures are part of our communication.

Try carrying on a conversation with someone with your hand in your pockets, don’t take them out when you talk, no matter how tempting it will be, and see if you can remain motionless. Then with hands constrained, your body will swag, sway, wiggle, bounce, scrunch, and oh yes, smile and wink like crazy.

When involved in an emotional conversation, whether angry, happy, or just excited, we find our arms carrying our hands high in the air, waving about, balling our fists, punching the air, swooshing (I Like that word) back and forth, letting the one listening to us know how passionate we are about what we are telling them.

As a Christian, there should be a lot of conversations with God in your life. Most probably telling him what you expect from him, some begging for mercy, and a lot of just thanking him for what he has given. How many of those conversations with our heavenly Father are about his Son, and what he did for you? What His Father let him do? And what His Father did to him, for you? When reading your Bible (how God talks to you) and you see these things, does that make you want to stop, and talk to your Father, and say Thank You? I bet at those moments, you want to raise your hands high, maybe wave your hands in a sign celebration. I wonder how we can keep our hands in our pockets when we talk to God? What keeps us from swaging, swaying, wiggling, bouncing, scrunching, and oh yes, smiling and winking like crazy, while we thank him for his great gift of Eternal Life, and the forgiveness of sins through the death of his Son? Some may look at you and think you have lost it, but go ahead, take the hands out of your pockets, stick them up high, wave them about, and say to our Father, Thank You!
I am pretty sure it only matter what he thinks. I guess he might think it pretty cool.
MFL Oct 2013