Tuesday, March 4, 2014


We all have expectations in life. If you are married, then you have expectations of your spouse. If you have children, then you have expectations of them. If you have a job, then you have expectations of your employer. As an employer, you have expectations of your employees.
We also have expectations of the world around us. The weather, the Ocean, the Mountains, the Animal kingdom, both wild and domestic. Because of science, we expect certain things to be consistent, like a chair to hold us when we sit down; or the wings on our airplane to suspend us above the earth’s surface, as we are propelled to our destination.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. We live in a world of faith. We are taught the basic law of physics, and believe that there will be oxygen to fill our lungs when we breathe. We believe that most wild animals are dangerous and approach with caution, or with weapons to defend ourselves. We believe the Sun will rise in the east, and set in the west every day, and when it is not seen, we still believe that it is still there, but hidden from sight by clouds, clouds that is, that we believe to be vaporized water, waiting to become solid again and fall to the earth as rain.

I have to snicker a little as I think of the atheist going through life in these simple acts of faith, yet denying the one who created all the laws our science has discovered and taught us, which we have come to trust as truth, and reply on them to be… Consistent.

What about the Christian? We are the ones that have believed the truth of God’s word, that he is God, that he created us as eternal beings, that because of sin, we were separated from him (true death), and that because of his great love for us, this God who created us, sent his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to suffer death (separation from God) when he took responsibility for our (my) sins. We believe that because of that act of sacrifice, he is able to offer to every human being forgiveness of sin and restoration to fellowship with himself. To sum up, we were dead (separated from God) because of our sin. Jesus paid the debt (death) for our sin. And everybody that believes God is brought into a relationship with God again (eternal life, no longer dead).

Now, what can we expect from God every day? Eternal life. Hope beyond this world and its system. Peace. Love. Joy. Fulfilment. Family. Comfort. Encouragement. Super power. Direction. Treasure in heaven. I bet that you could go on and expand tis list, so it has got to make you smile as you think about no longer being dead, but alive unto God, and called his child. I mean, who else can say to their classmates, My dad is God.

Now, what does God expect from you? I could start a list that would be very valid. But instead, I want to just mention one thing that the Lord Jesus told his disciples, it is what he expects from us, and maybe sums up everything that can be said. God expects us to expect him. Mar 13:37  And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch. I read this, and had to stop and meditate for a moment, I asked myself this, “Do I EXPECT God today?” isn’t that what is meant here, to watch, or to expect something to happen, to expect someone to come? Do I expect God to empower me to serve him today? Do I expect God to provide my needs today? Do I expect God to protect me today? Do I expect God to come back for me today?
Given a huge list of God’s expectations, I could easily attempt to meet most of them, and make a good excuse for not accomplishing them all in a day, but when I think that there is just one thing God expects from me, I no longer have an excuse for failing, just a looking down as I scuff my feet in shame.

Our God is so great, and greatly to be praised, and greatly to be served. He has always proved faithful. Remember that this morning. Stop and ask yourself, do I expect God today?
Watch, he expects you to.