Saturday, May 31, 2014

Billy is a Doctor?

Things are moving so fast. The world seems to be spinning faster and faster every day, it is a wonder that we are not all slung off this planet into outer space. Technology keeps leaping forward so fast, it is hard to keep up. The jobs keep evolving, making it harder to stay on top without constant learning and training. Working now involves both Husband and Wife, leaving the kids to be raised by some child care so busy that they do not have time to pay attention to a single kid.

But ah the day is over, the drive through dead stopped traffic is done, your haven is just behind that door… As you open the door, more chaos, your kids running and screaming, fighting, and totally being ignored by the already arrived Dad, who is working on his laptop. Here they come, Mom, Mom, Mom… without thinking you scream “WHAT?” Billy is driving his truck over Barbie, and messing up her hair… But Mom, she wouldn’t move when I was blowing the horn… The with a loud and angry tone you grab them both, and say “stop fighting, be nice, Billy stop driving over Barbie, and Barbie, MOVE when the horn blows!!!”

Now to the Husband… Did you not hear your children fighting? What? No. I got this email from Bob, and it is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Hey what are we having for dinner? “THAT’S IT” you say to yourself, and scream, make your own dinner. I have had a rough day, and am just going to soak in a hot tub. As you head to the bedroom, you know that the hot tub idea is only a dream, so into some comfortable clothes, and back down to the kitchen to make something eatable and nutritious so the kids won’t starve to death.

After dinner, you turn on the TV for the kids, sit on the couch and pull out your phone. Oh what wonderful technology, everything and everybody at the tips of your fingers. And away you go browsing all the craft sites, blogs, and texting with friends, and keeping up on your social media. Your husband busy playing an online game on his laptop.

Yes, life is flying by. Little Billy doesn’t know what playing catch with his Father is like, and Little Susie have never played tea party with her Mom. The kids are growing up right in front of you, but you cannot even see it. They are just one more annoyance in the little time you have from the constant grind of life. Their memories will be filled with the bullying at day care and school. The bad influence of the rotten kids. And the values of day care employees and teachers.

One day you will look up from that three inch screen, blink to clear the sleep out of your eyes, and the kids will be adults. Their fragile minds already shaped, and their morals already decided. Their memory vaults already locked, and nowhere in that place, are the happy events that a mommy and daughter or Daddy and son shared. Then with a look of surprise, we will hear you proclaim… Billy is a Doctor?

May God help the young parents today to realize that the greatest gift that God has given to a family are these impressionable young children, who long to be help and loved. I know we are all busy, but maybe, just maybe we can adjust our lives and our cost of living in a way where Mommy can stay home and raise the children. Even if not, at least change your mentality, that coming home from the stressful world, you find the haven in the involvement with your family and not with your phone.