Tuesday, September 30, 2014


“Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound That Saved A Wretch Like Me…” What words that moves a redeemed soul.

 I think it would be wise for every Christian to make a habit every day of their lives to start their day with a short prayer to God our Father, like this: “Father in Heaven, Thank you for your matchless grace in my life. Lord, reveal to me your grace in a way that I can understand it better” During the day, when you give thanks for the meal he has provided for you to eat this day, thank him again for this grace, and ask him once again to reveal what his grace mean to you. Just before you go to bed at night, whisper this prayer again.

When I look at our salvation, I am reminded of Ephesians 2, verses 8-10. “For by Grace are you saved…” and though I quote that all the time, I realized I do not process it properly in my life, because I lack the wisdom to fully understand what God’s grace means to me.

For one thing, it is the action of his son, motivated by his love for us, he became poor for us, that we might become rich in him. 2 Corinthians 8:9. The grace part of this is evident in how this is worded “…that ye through his poverty might be rich.” We have to ask, when and how was the Son of God ever in poverty? We tend to equate God’s grace with the “…that you might be rich” part of the passage. But what does it really mean for God’s son to be poor, and on the other hand, for any one of us humans to be rich? You really cannot use a monetary system to understand this, the analogy falls far too short to describe this grace spoken of here. So what do we use to understand this? Sin. That’s right, sin. Starting with me, I understand what sin is, I know its filth, its destruction, its spiritual poverty I know all too well. It is something I had and had no way to get rid of. In contrast though, it is something that Christ did not have. He never knew its filth, destruction, and its poverty. So this grace was an act of God’s Son, taking my sin, becoming sin, experiencing my sin with its filth, destruction and poverty, the same way every human has ever experienced it. He became poor---{Breathe} when he took my sin, I became rich when it was gone.

Secondly, still looking in the second chapter of the book of Ephesians, just after he tells us that we are saved by grace, he said this in verses 11-12 “Wherefore remember, that ye being in time past Gentiles in the flesh…” Being labeled as a Gentile may set on edge a little, but in the context of things, this statement is very important to fully comprehending the grace of God, to grasp the depths in your soul, in your heart of hearts, why Grace. Reading the rest of this passage helps us understand why we are labeled Gentiles. “…That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise…” A careful study of the Bible will reveal that God chose the nation of Israel, decedents of Abraham, through the line of the child of promise, Isaac, and the twelve sons of Jacob, who became Israel. They knew the one true God. They were given the law. They had the hope. The messiah who we call Christ was sent to them. We were as the last part of this passage states …”having no hope, and without God in the world…”  Think of the millions of people all through the world’s history that never heard the gospel, never heard the law, never heard about the God of Heaven. Millions of people that lived in a family, a tribe, a city, a nation that Satan had taken advantage of with lies that would turn the clear evidence of God in creation into another form of religion. Died without hope and without God, and opened their eyes in a lost eternity. But Grace says this in verse 13 “But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ” “Oh God my Father, thank you for your grace. Reveal to me a full understanding of your grace today!”

Dark is the stain that we cannot hide, what can avail to wash it away? Look! There is flowing a crimson tide; Whiter than snow you may be today. – Grace, grace, God’s grace, Grace that will pardon and cleanse within; Grace, grace, God’s grace, Grace that is greater than all our sin.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

An Out of This World Doctrine

An Out of This World Doctrine
As long as God allows me to continue to breathe his air, and to live in this world, dwelling in this very temporary body, I will never cease to be amazed that God has not only created us, loved us, sent his Son to die for us, and saves us, even when we were in rebellion to his will. But most of all, I will never cease to be amazed at the Word of God that he gave us to understand, first of all who he is, then to show us the unfolding of his plan for mankind. Most importantly, to reveal his will to us. But all that said, as I continue to read and study this Bible that contains sixty-six books, thirty-nine in a volume called the “Old Testament” and twenty-seven books in a volume called the “New Testament”, that from start to finish, there is this unfolding revelation of all these things, the revealing of himself, his plan, and his will for mankind. I cannot understand how the majesty of this book is not revered by each and every Christian that has been saved by his grace, which was a response to hearing the words from this very book. Paul describes the Word of God as “Living and Powerful” Hebrews 4:12, and yes it is.
As a Christian, we hear about the Rapture, and look at this doctrine as our hope. This hope is what helps us to get through the hard times this old world brings in our life. Just to know that there is something better waiting for us when we leave this world. But when it comes to the subject of the Rapture, which means the snatching up into the air every living Christian at the time Christ returns to call us home to heaven, it can seem a bit unreal to a world of logical thinking people, and rather just an escape from reality to those who believe it. But a careful study of the Old and New Testament will help us to fully understand that this doctrine of the Rapture is not only true, but is a major part of God’s plan for mankind.
Let us start with the first volume of this great book we call the Bible, thirty-nine books in all, and most of it is prophetic in nature, yet there is not one word about the Rapture. That is almost enough to cast doubt on this whole subject. A careful study of the Bible shows us that the Old Testament begins to reveal our creator to us. To show us his plan for his creation, this plan is revealed in stages. Also, he reveals his will for man. We will focus on his plan for man in this study.
God’s plan for mankind revealed
God’s plan for man starts with his goal for man enacted, and ends with the goal in place. What I mean is that when man was created, he was placed in a garden, paradise if you will. Man was in a perfect place, in life and in relationship with his creator. Sin disrupted this goal for man, and God reveals throughout the scriptures how he will bring man back into that place of relationship, and paradise. The Old Testament starts with one man, Abraham. We see his family grown to a nation that is numbered as the sand of the sea. Sadly enough, our creator selected this nation to be his people, and as his plan unfolded, it appears that this plan included Israel, and excluded everybody else. One of the biggest mistakes in studying God’s word that Christians make, is when we try to apply to the Church Old Testament truths and promises that really only apply to the nation of Israel.
Now, that being said, the Old Testament shows us God’s plan unfold and dealing with one nation, he then reveals to them his plan of salvation from sin. Interestingly enough, this plan of salvation includes all mankind, but only as an overflow from its intended beneficiary, who is the nation of Israel. The plan for God saving man from sin is revealed in the advent of a savior. What confused the saints of the Old Testament, as well as the religious leaders in the New Testament, and even some Christians today is that the advent of God’s savior is revealed in two advents of this same savior.
Two Advents of Messiah (Christ)
In the Old Testament, the writers of the books, especially the Prophets spoke of this Messiah in two views, one of his coming in power and great glory and restoring the glory of the nation, and the other in suffering and humility. The readers of the scriptures were confused and they blurred the two as one, not distinguishing them as two different advents. Theologians refer to these writings as two peaks, the one being the first coming of Christ, the second peak as his return to earth to destroy those that refuse God, and then to set up the millennium kingdom. The Jewish people of Christ’s day were confused at the first advent, ignoring the parts concerning Christ’s suffering, and only looking for the King. It is why they rejected the Lord, and pushed for him to be crucified him on the Cross.
It is interesting that his second advent will be with great fan fair, earthquakes, hail fire and brimstones falling on the earth, lightening seen from one end of the earth to the other, and then the Son Of God descending in the sky on a white horse, and all his saints with him on white horses. Now his first advent may not have come in with such a bang, but it was with quite the fan fair. There were angels in glory singing praises to God because God had entered this world as a human being, a little baby nonetheless. He has a bright star that was seen clear across the world, and was followed by great men just to see the coming king into this world.
Two Peaks and its Valley
Now, back to the two peaks, but more importantly, the valley in between. This may seem to some as imagined theology, but there are New Testament scriptures to substantiate its truth. But the valley is commonly seen as a period of time that is not recorded in Old Testament prophecy, an “Age of Grace” if you will. Old Testament prophecy is very specific in terms of the time that God would send his Son into this world, also when he would send him back in what we are calling his second advent. Reading the writings of Jeremiah the entire period of time is specified in years, and broken up into 70 periods of 7 years, while in Daniel’s writings, the actual days are specified concerning the Lord’s return. You can read the words of our Lord in Luke’s gospel, 19:32-44 that on the day that he presented himself as the King, he said, “had you known at least in This Thy Day” It was the day Daniel prophesied in his book, of when he would present the King to the Nation. So studying prophecy can be confusing, as we see that both of these prophecies were spoken of as one, and not clearly defined until that day when he rode into the city, and was rejected by the nation. Now, where most teachers of scriptures disagree, is concerning the valley. Among most evangelicals, and especially conservative believers, the valley is a period of time that was not seen in the Old Testament, and began shortly after the first advent of the Lord, and will conclude shortly before the second. We need to grasp how this is distinguished in the prophecies concerning this period of time. When looking at the prophecy of Jeremiah and the seventy weeks (70 – 7 Year periods of time) we see that the last week has not yet happened. There are very specific things that have happened, and account for the four hundred and eighty three years (The first 69 weeks) and specific things yet to happen. This last week is referred to as the seventieth week, and as the time of Jacobs trouble (again remember all of the Old Testament is concerning the nation of Israel), but in the New Testament, this last week is referred to as the Tribulation.
So it seems that one day in the history of Israel, which was after the first advent of the Messiah, which includes his death, his resurrection, and his ascension, then after Pentecost the prophetic clock of God concerning Israel stopped. There are specific things concerning that last week that have yet to happen, that we see spoken in those Old Testament prophesies. Also in the New Testament spoken by the Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew 24-25. So a good question in this prophetic study would be, what about all this time between Pentecost and Now? That time, as we have said, is often referred to as the “Age of Grace” and it is called that because we see God’s grace now reaching out to all mankind with the good news of salvation, much different than the physical deliverance that the nation of Israel is looking for, where the Messiah will return to this earth, and establish his kingdom, and Israel will be the head once again. No, the age of grace is a period of time, the duration of which is not determined, where a man, woman, boy or girl, can hear the gospel, how that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died on Calvary’s cross, paid for our sin, and after he died on that cross rose from the dead, if any human soul hears and believes, will be saved eternally from the penalty of sin. Not only saved from sin, but made a child of God. Not only that, but indwelled by God’s Holy Spirit forever. Every believer that has been saved is part of God’s body, called his Church.  Ephesians 1:1-14. Paul later states in this wonderful book that this work of God that we see in this age, was not known in the Old Testament, it was a mystery. Ephesians 3:1-10.
It would not be hard at this point to use human logic to see that as long as we are in this age of grace, and people have the opportunity to hear and believe the gospel, that the last week of Jeremiah’s prophecy will not start to play out in this world. But as God would have it, he did not leave us to human logic, he let Paul explain this very clearly in the second letter he wrote to the Thessalonians, in chapter 2 verses 1-12. Read this in any English version of the bible, or any language, or if you can read it in the Greek it will say the same thing. Something is hindering the revealing of the man of sin (the anti-christ), and the start of that last week of prophecy. That something that hinders is the Holy Spirits presence in this world. It will not be until he (the Holy Spirit) is taken out of the way, that these last things will take place. The Holy Spirit is here in this world in the Church, his body. All believers. The rapture will remove the Church, thus removing the Holy Spirit.
As to the rapture, it is the only thing a Christian needs to look for, it will happen before God’s prophetic clock will start again. Paul makes it very plain in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. Where he describes exactly what happens in the catching up of believers that are alive in Christ, and with them the believers that have already died in Christ. Then in 1 Corinthians 15 he gives the mechanics of the rapture, of what will happen to our bodies. Lastly, John records for us in revelation chapter 4 verse 1 this very event called the rapture as it happens in the very near future. He describes all the things we will see when we get there, so much beauty, but most importantly, we will see the Lamb who died for us. The John begins to describe that last week (the Tribulation) in chapter 6 through chapter 19. God’s plan for man is wonderful. I didn’t know I was a created being with a purpose. I thought I was my own man. God revealed himself to me in the gospel, and he saved me. He gave me this great hope. Now I can’t wait to see my savior. I long to see all of his creation, but to see him, what a wonder it will be.
Look up, your redemption draws near!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Billy is a Doctor?

Things are moving so fast. The world seems to be spinning faster and faster every day, it is a wonder that we are not all slung off this planet into outer space. Technology keeps leaping forward so fast, it is hard to keep up. The jobs keep evolving, making it harder to stay on top without constant learning and training. Working now involves both Husband and Wife, leaving the kids to be raised by some child care so busy that they do not have time to pay attention to a single kid.

But ah the day is over, the drive through dead stopped traffic is done, your haven is just behind that door… As you open the door, more chaos, your kids running and screaming, fighting, and totally being ignored by the already arrived Dad, who is working on his laptop. Here they come, Mom, Mom, Mom… without thinking you scream “WHAT?” Billy is driving his truck over Barbie, and messing up her hair… But Mom, she wouldn’t move when I was blowing the horn… The with a loud and angry tone you grab them both, and say “stop fighting, be nice, Billy stop driving over Barbie, and Barbie, MOVE when the horn blows!!!”

Now to the Husband… Did you not hear your children fighting? What? No. I got this email from Bob, and it is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Hey what are we having for dinner? “THAT’S IT” you say to yourself, and scream, make your own dinner. I have had a rough day, and am just going to soak in a hot tub. As you head to the bedroom, you know that the hot tub idea is only a dream, so into some comfortable clothes, and back down to the kitchen to make something eatable and nutritious so the kids won’t starve to death.

After dinner, you turn on the TV for the kids, sit on the couch and pull out your phone. Oh what wonderful technology, everything and everybody at the tips of your fingers. And away you go browsing all the craft sites, blogs, and texting with friends, and keeping up on your social media. Your husband busy playing an online game on his laptop.

Yes, life is flying by. Little Billy doesn’t know what playing catch with his Father is like, and Little Susie have never played tea party with her Mom. The kids are growing up right in front of you, but you cannot even see it. They are just one more annoyance in the little time you have from the constant grind of life. Their memories will be filled with the bullying at day care and school. The bad influence of the rotten kids. And the values of day care employees and teachers.

One day you will look up from that three inch screen, blink to clear the sleep out of your eyes, and the kids will be adults. Their fragile minds already shaped, and their morals already decided. Their memory vaults already locked, and nowhere in that place, are the happy events that a mommy and daughter or Daddy and son shared. Then with a look of surprise, we will hear you proclaim… Billy is a Doctor?

May God help the young parents today to realize that the greatest gift that God has given to a family are these impressionable young children, who long to be help and loved. I know we are all busy, but maybe, just maybe we can adjust our lives and our cost of living in a way where Mommy can stay home and raise the children. Even if not, at least change your mentality, that coming home from the stressful world, you find the haven in the involvement with your family and not with your phone.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


We all have expectations in life. If you are married, then you have expectations of your spouse. If you have children, then you have expectations of them. If you have a job, then you have expectations of your employer. As an employer, you have expectations of your employees.
We also have expectations of the world around us. The weather, the Ocean, the Mountains, the Animal kingdom, both wild and domestic. Because of science, we expect certain things to be consistent, like a chair to hold us when we sit down; or the wings on our airplane to suspend us above the earth’s surface, as we are propelled to our destination.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. We live in a world of faith. We are taught the basic law of physics, and believe that there will be oxygen to fill our lungs when we breathe. We believe that most wild animals are dangerous and approach with caution, or with weapons to defend ourselves. We believe the Sun will rise in the east, and set in the west every day, and when it is not seen, we still believe that it is still there, but hidden from sight by clouds, clouds that is, that we believe to be vaporized water, waiting to become solid again and fall to the earth as rain.

I have to snicker a little as I think of the atheist going through life in these simple acts of faith, yet denying the one who created all the laws our science has discovered and taught us, which we have come to trust as truth, and reply on them to be… Consistent.

What about the Christian? We are the ones that have believed the truth of God’s word, that he is God, that he created us as eternal beings, that because of sin, we were separated from him (true death), and that because of his great love for us, this God who created us, sent his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to suffer death (separation from God) when he took responsibility for our (my) sins. We believe that because of that act of sacrifice, he is able to offer to every human being forgiveness of sin and restoration to fellowship with himself. To sum up, we were dead (separated from God) because of our sin. Jesus paid the debt (death) for our sin. And everybody that believes God is brought into a relationship with God again (eternal life, no longer dead).

Now, what can we expect from God every day? Eternal life. Hope beyond this world and its system. Peace. Love. Joy. Fulfilment. Family. Comfort. Encouragement. Super power. Direction. Treasure in heaven. I bet that you could go on and expand tis list, so it has got to make you smile as you think about no longer being dead, but alive unto God, and called his child. I mean, who else can say to their classmates, My dad is God.

Now, what does God expect from you? I could start a list that would be very valid. But instead, I want to just mention one thing that the Lord Jesus told his disciples, it is what he expects from us, and maybe sums up everything that can be said. God expects us to expect him. Mar 13:37  And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch. I read this, and had to stop and meditate for a moment, I asked myself this, “Do I EXPECT God today?” isn’t that what is meant here, to watch, or to expect something to happen, to expect someone to come? Do I expect God to empower me to serve him today? Do I expect God to provide my needs today? Do I expect God to protect me today? Do I expect God to come back for me today?
Given a huge list of God’s expectations, I could easily attempt to meet most of them, and make a good excuse for not accomplishing them all in a day, but when I think that there is just one thing God expects from me, I no longer have an excuse for failing, just a looking down as I scuff my feet in shame.

Our God is so great, and greatly to be praised, and greatly to be served. He has always proved faithful. Remember that this morning. Stop and ask yourself, do I expect God today?
Watch, he expects you to.