Wednesday, December 21, 2011


That’s right, I started with a hash, Jordan said it was ok (I Think). Anyway, I heard the coolest thing available for free, I mean absolutely no cost to you. It is the app for your favorite radio station. And best of all… It’s FREE! So when you are at home, working on your computer, you no longer are a slave to your vast music library on your computer or iPod, you can now listen to music from your favorite radio station right in your home. Of course that’s music in between commercials, and Public announcements, and the host’s witty chatter. But even with all that, you get to hear new music (They say it all the time, “Here’s a new song by so and so”, though it is only a song off a three year old album that they never played. I guess it is new to them).

You know, as I say all this out loud it really sounds ludicrous. I don’t know about you, but I would love a mute button for my radio for the in between the two whole songs they play before the commercials, but really, how would you know when to un-mute? So ok, this was a really bad idea, so I have another that may even be better…. The “Toolbar” for your internet browser… It’s FREE too. Imagine my surprise, when I found I could have ten at a time on internet explorer… wow, what a great Free experience. Hey has anybody seen my webpage, I want to run my radio app.