Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father and Son story:

Father: My Son, come with me. We are going to the alter of God, to sacrifice.

Son: But Father, why do we have to go so far away to offer a sacrifice to God.

Father: Because it is God’s will that we offer there.

Son: I want to please God, I want to please you Father.

Father: My Son, I want you to carry the wood that the sacrifice will be laid on.

Son: I see the wood, and the fire, and the knife, but where is the sacrifice Father?

Father: My Son, God himself will be the sacrifice, that alone can please him.

Father: This is the place that God has chosen. Son, I believe God. I want you to believe God also.

Son: Oh Father, I have seen your faith, I have seen God bless you, I do believe God.

Father: My Son, God has told me that you are the promised seed that will carry my name, and become a great nation, a people that he will call his own. But the sin of man is so bad, that only God himself becoming the sacrifice to atone for man’s sin, will make man… will make me and you fit for his presence.

Son: Will God now be that sacrifice, today on this alter?

Father: {With tears flowing down his face} Not today Son, today God has told me to offer you as a sacrifice to him. Do not fear my Son, Believe God. He has said that you are the promise to me, that you will be the father of the great nation, and he will call them his people. God has said this, and if I slay you on this alter, he will raise you from the dead. I believe God my Son.

Son: {With tears flowing down his face} Father, I believe God. I am frightened, but I believe even as you that God will bless even though you slay me on this alter.

Another Father and Son:

Even as The Father led his son to the cross, the Son cried, Father, if there is any other way, nevertheless Not as I will, but your will be done. Even when the Father bound his son to the wooden cross, his Son cried out, Father, forgive them. Even while suspended between earth and the heavens, no place found for his soul, he expressed care for his loved ones.

Then his Father stretched out his hand with the knife of wrath and judgment, {the judgment that belonged to man}, this Father’s hand was not stayed, the knife fell on his Son, God’s judgment that man deserved meted on his Son, …we hear the Son cry out… My God, My God… Why have you turned from me? Then he died.

I believe God, do you? God the Father told his Son, I will not allow your body to corrupt in a grave, this day I have brought you forth. And the Son was raised from the dead. God’s Will was done!

Do you believe God?